At Perdita’s Coffee we believe in treating each customer as part of the family. We promise to serve the best quality coffee and teas with special attention on locally sourced goods. Our inclusive environment will give opportunities to individuals that might otherwise have barriers to employment.

Our Vision

Perdita’s Coffee is a welcoming setting for socializing,  get-down-to-business crowd, as well as a place to hold private meetings. We offer hand crafted, consistent beverages and sweets to your liking.

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2938 North Avenue

Suite D

Grand Junction, CO 81504



About Perdita's 

Perdita’s is a non-profit coffee shop with a mission! Perdita's is owned and operated by Ariel Clinical Services. At Perdita’s we brew opportunity one cup at a time by focusing our efforts on employment for adults with developmental/intellectual disabilities and parents or teens who face employment barriers. Our goal is to instill work ethic and accountability.  Supervisors have experience in social work and will work with our diverse employees to assist them with employment growth and stability.  Together, they are learning necessary vocational skills needed for success in the community while in a safe and nurturing environment.

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(970) 361-2501

2938 North Ave

Suite D

Grand Junction Co

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